For the new commercial for “MLB: The Show 12,” they simulate what it might look like if/when the Cubs finally win the World Series, complete with a Weiner Circle celebration and absolute madness on Clark St. Thoughts?

BAHAHAHAHA. If the Cubs won the World Series…..

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    It’s pretty funny how emotion this just made me… lol.
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    If the Cubbies won the Series I would lose my shit with excitement!!!!
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    Damn. I teared up a little. I will either be at Wrigley or standing outside of Wrigley when this happens. I don’t care...
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    one fine day
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    BAHAHAHAHA. If the Cubs won the World Series…..
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    I watched this commercial and started TEARING UP AT WORK. Gods, it would be BEAUTIFUL.
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    crying. ONE DAY
  16. derelictheart116 answered: cruel. just cruel. hehe
  17. allthecolorsofthestreetsigns answered: Boy, you need to get yourself to a game!
  18. bleacherbummed answered: I think the film crew was in wrigleyville on a saturday night and said,” who wants to be in a commerical?”
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    Baseball is almost here! However
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  22. charlesgoill answered: I mean we already went crazy when we won the first time. But yea it’d be good again to see the sox win again
  23. liagrowandbelieve answered: I couldn’t help but chuckle! I am a northsider but I’m Sox all the way! It would be nice to see the Cubs win though!
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    Aside from the fact that I could care less about this video game.. Spring Training is here. Baseball time is here. NEXT...
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    Fuck you, video game commercial, for making me cry real tears. I’ve wanted this so fucking bad for so fucking long (my...
  26. digiture answered: I actually started tearing up a little before the commercial part set in.

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